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Project organization and project partners

Project sponsors

Project group

An inter-institutional project group was founded in 2013 for the ROHSA 3 project. It pools the competences of the Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology (LfULG) and the Saxon State Mining Authority (SOBA) within the framework of the ROHSA 3 project.

Project partners

Project advisory committee

At the ROHSA 3 kick-off event, an advisory committee was appointed with representatives of administration and partners from industry and TU Bergakademie Freiberg. The advisory committee’s function is to accompany and support the project, assess the planning activities and results and give advice to the project group. It acts as initiator and inventor and gives recommendations for the utilization of the ROHSA results.

Members of the advisory committee

  • Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schilka – Geokompetenzzentrum Freiberg e.V.
  • Dr. Stefan Seiffert – SMEKUL
  • Ralph Weidner – SMWA
  • Dr. Manfred Goedecke – Chamber of Industry and Commerce
  • Prof. Dr. Jörg Schneider – TU Freiberg

Financial framework

The personnel and financial resources for the ROHSA 3 project are provided entirely by the Saxon state budget.

For ROHSA 3.1, 5 temporary employees and a budget of about € 3.7 million for third-party services were available.

8 temporary positions and a budget of about € 2 million are available for ROHSA 3.4.

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