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Project history

The figure shows the most important worksteps of the Rohsa Project.

The overall ROHSA project was designed in 2006.

Within the scope of ROHSA 1 and 2, 139 known Saxon ore and spar deposits were listed in the form of factsheets and summarized in a manual.

Simultaneously, within the framework of an EU Ziel3 project, the raw material potential in the Saxon-Czech border region was assessed in cooperation with the Czech geological service.

In 2012 the concrete planning of the project implementation was completed by the pre-project ROHSA 3.

With the start of the pilot project ROHSA 3.1, the 10-year ROHSA 3 project was kicked off in 2013.

Other ROHSA 3 sub-projects are designed in 2-year tranches. According to the current state of planning, the entire project shall be completed in 2024.

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