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The pilot project ROHSA 3.1

Project term: 2013 – 2016

The survey area is located in central Erzgebirge (Ore Mountains) between the towns of Stollberg, Schwarzenberg, Zöblitz and Reitzenhain, covering an area of 740 km2. At a final colloquium, the partial project was presented to the public.

Mining shapes the region

About 30,000 wells were drilled, described and documented in the 20th century in the ROHSA 3.1 project area alone. In addition to this, detailed geological mapping was carried out in the region. Besides geophysical data (e.g. magnetics and gravimetry), there are also geochemical results.

Added value for industry, science and region

A geological 3-D model was developed for the project region. Today, exploration firms are actively working across Saxony to explore and exploit ores and spars.

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